Alex Hegenbarth

CONFIRMED: Brexit Party abandon Tewkesbury due to Lib Dem threat

Nigel Farage has confimed that his party is bailing on Tewkesbury in the hopes that Tory MP Laurence Robertson holds onto his seat in the face of surging Lib Dem pressure.

The Brexit Party's decision to not to stand in Tewkesbury shows how worried they are that they don’t have the public support for a disastrous No Deal Brexit in the face of a resurgent Liberal Democrats.

Alex Hegenbarth, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Tewkesbury, said "Farage's screeching U-turn over whether to stand candidates in Tory-held seats shows how worried he and those trying to force through a No Deal Brexit are that they are losing public support before they can ram it through."

"The Brexit Party are doing everything they can to prop up an Establishment they profess to despise. It's time for those parties that support a People's Vote to unite behind the Liberal Democrats as the clear challengers to the Tories in Tewkesbury."

In the most recent elections in Tewkesbury, the Liberal Democrats were by far the most popular opposition party, winning 28% of the popular vote compared to the Labour and Green Party's 5% and 8% respectively. 

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