Alex Hegenbarth

Brexit Party running scared of Lib Dems

The Brexit Party is considering stepping aside in Tewkesbury to ensure Tory MP Laurence Robertson holds onto his seat in the face of surging Lib Dem support.

The hesitation shown by the Brexit Party not to stand in Tewkesbury shows how worried they are that they don’t have the public support for a disastrous No Deal Brexit in the face of a resurgent Lib Dems. 

As seen from the recent Borough and European elections, the Liberal Democrat’s clear and concise message - that Gloucestershire is a more prosperous place within the EU - is resonating with voters across the constituency.

If the Brexit Party believe in the strength of their message then they shouldn’t hide behind the Tories - they should stand a candidate so then the public have the chance to quiz them on the raft of policies they will have responsibility over if they win the election. We know their position on Brexit, but no one knows where they stand on anything else.

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