Alex Hegenbarth

Nothing But The Best for our Farmers

When the UK Government Ministers are sitting around the table during the Brexit talks, do you think they are considering the future of Gloucestershire farmers?

I don’t. They are ignoring the horrendous consequences Brexit could have on farmers’ livelihoods and instead squabbling amongst themselves.

The Conservative Government must be held to account on its promise to maintain support to farming post-Brexit. Above all else, we must be protected from cheap imports which fail to meet British animal welfare and environmental standards.

But you will have read in the newspapers stories that our shops will be overrun by hormone beef and chlorinated chicken - which fails to meet our high production and welfare standards. 

I won’t support any trade deals which undermine local farmers.

I’m not willing to stand by and let the Conservatives ignore farmers - that’s why I’m launching my Nothing but the Best campaign - to ensure Gloucestershire’s farmers are competing on a level playing field.

Our farmers produce the best - and I’m not prepared to let this slide.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats will send a powerful message that farmers in Gloucestershire will not be ignored. We must keep our markets open and guarantee frictionless, tariff-free trade with Europe.

You can back my campaign for a better deal for farmers by signing my petition here

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