Alex Hegenbarth

A message of hope for 2019

These are difficult times to be involved in politics, but as liberals we know things can and must be better. Looking forward to 2019, the liberal movement must continue to let people know there is another way. We can have well funded schools and healthcare. We can build the homes we need for future generations. We will continue to call for a People's Vote.


But we can’t ignore the fact that our country is in dire trouble. The Conservative government continues to fail on its Brexit pledges and is being aided by a Labour Party complicit in the disaster. Liberals have always championed the welfare state, excellent standards in schools and the health service. But these issues are being ignored as the main two parties continue the Brexit charade.

However, with under three months left to conclude the negotiations with the EU, it seems that a People’s Vote on the deal is a more realistic prospect than ever. Liberalism has always been an internationalist philosophy, so it’s right that we have been fighting for a referendum on the deal since 2016. I’m proud that we have stayed true to our values and I’m pleased that people in other parties are joining us in our efforts. We still believe that a People's Vote is the best option to heal our divided nation.

With the government and opposition parties irrevocably split on Europe and plenty more besides, the year ahead may bring more than just a referendum. We may find ourselves fighting an election soon too - potentially in a radically different party political landscape. The tribal, two-party system that liberals have fought against for decades may be on the verge of collapse. In that scenario, we must be ready to work with others, of all parties and none, who share our values.

While these times are uncertain, there is much to be hopeful about and I know our philosophy and our party is part of the solution. The coming year will not be easy, but we will be needed more than ever. I look forward to joining you on the campaign trail. The future is ours to define.

I hope you have a happy new year.

p.s. At this time of year, many of us make resolutions for the year ahead - will you make a resolution to help us win across the Tewkesbury constituency? Let us know: How you can help


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