Alex Hegenbarth

What I stand for

Europe & Internationalism


I developed, organised and trained the Remain campaign in Swindon from scratch to lead a volunteer team over 100 activists. While there were many areas of the Tewkesbury constituency that voted for Leave, I will continue to promote our support for the EU and an Exit from Brexit so then Tewkesbury’s EU citizens can remain here and local businesses can carry on trading across the world’s biggest free market. 

I want the UK to remain a member of the single market and customs union. We cannot afford to lose the economic and cultural links brought by our close ties to Europe.


The NHS & Healthcare


I come from a long line of healthcare professionals and understand the importance of supporting staff and patients by having the best services and facilities available for the best care possible. I want to make sure local residents have access to the first-class medical treatment they deserve.

That's why I and fellow Liberal Democrats will campaign hard to protect NHS and mental health care funding in the face of devastating Tory cuts to these vital services.




I know that we have some great schools in the constituency, but the slashing of school budgets across the country is putting those schools under strain due to lack of investment, and children's education is suffering as a result.

That’s why I was so proud of the achievements of the Lib Dem pupil premium during the coalition. In addition to this we must invest in apprenticeships, further education and training, and university education too. We must provide and encourage life-long learning to help improve the lives of local residents.

Holding power to account


I have a track record of holding power to account and will ensure that nobody and no authority is beyond scrutiny.

I have challenged government minsters over Brexit, held Council officers to account over their decisions and persuaded local businesses to change their working practices to help protect their staff. 

I want to make sure that the Tewkesbury Liberal Democrats are seen as the main and natural opposition to the Tory’s misadministration of Gloucestershire; ready for our push to win the constituency.





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