Alex Hegenbarth

My Vision for Tewkesbury

Winning together for the Liberal Democrats

When Liberal Democrats work together, they win together, and I have a track record of building and leading strong teams of passionate supporters. I would be proud to play my part in building on the Tewkesbury party’s reputation for hard work and dedication and want to use my skills and experience to help build a solid foundation of campaigners, activists, and councillors across the constituency; advising on and championing the campaigns that touch on the lives of local people.

Alex in Bishops Cleeve

I have a reputation for campaigning with Liberal Democrats all year round, not just at election time. I have campaigned across the country; helping to get others elected, build up the strength of local teams and help them harness the skills, experiences and passion of new members. As a newer member myself (I joined the party in 2015) I understand the drive and motivations of many of those who have felt impassioned to join the party in recent years, and I want to help the Tewkesbury party add that drive and passion to the dedication and experience of the party's current membership.

I have worked tirelessly with teams across Gloucestershire and encouraging them to work together, sharing skills, experience, and best practice, and ultimately making sure we all pull together to help each other win so then we can start improving the lives of residents. I want to see six Lib Dem MPs in Gloucestershire and the only way we can do that is by promoting liberalism and supporting each other in any way we can.

I see liberalism as the corner stone of Britain’s identity in a modern world; that we should strive to create a level playing field to allow everyone in society to reach their full potential. My philosophy is based around three broad themes: personal freedom, equality for all, and supporting communities. This is what drives me, and I know many Liberal Democrats share these values too.

Campaigning on the issues that matter

I have campaigned and supported others on Liberal Democrat issues that matter the most to people, both nationally and locally.

As a passionate pro-European, and I back the campaign for a People's Vote. I ran the Remain campaigns for both Swindon constituencies; building up a group of over 100 activists from all parties and none from scratch to campaign for the pro-EU cause.

Alex campaigning for Remain

I have also campaigned to bring attention to the lack of mental health support for older inmates and called on the government and the Liberal Democrats to develop a policy of provision for elderly prisoner care.

I was also proud and privileged to propose a motion to the Cheltenham Borough Council for them to back the Royal British Legion's 'Count Me In' campaign for the 2021 census to include questions concerning our Armed Forces community.

Alex Chair a Conference Debate

My vision for Tewkesbury

As with the rest of the country, Tewkesbury and it’s surrounding towns and villages stand at a crossroads. With the fallout from Brexit still uncertain, we must prepare for the challenges ahead while presenting a liberal alternative to Tory austerity and Labour overspending: A liberal future of sustainable growth with an economy and services ready for whatever the future may bring.

Gloucestershire must be a place where everybody can live, work and prosper. It must be a place where businesses want to start up or relocate. It must be a place where younger people who grow up or study here want to remain, and one where others want to settle after finishing university or training. It must be a place where families know they can get a good education for their children, but also find a home that they can afford. It must be a place where older people know they can enjoy a secure and happy retirement.

By providing more homes and community infrastructure we can help attract and keep not just the best and the brightest for Gloucestershire but an increasing number of young professionals and new families; the very groups that will help our county grow and prosper.

That prosperity rests on the back of a strong economy, and by pushing for the creation of 'cyber corridor' to encourage dynamic industry and innovative companies to set-up, relocate and thrive in our county; increasing and improving Gloucestershire’s economic diversity and resilience. This will need to be coupled with high-quality broadband across the entire constituency to support new and established local business and improved road and public transport links to help facilitate our growing economy.

We also need to make sure Tewkesbury has the healthcare services it needs to provide the first-class healthcare services residents deserve, which means fighting to protect health funding so under threat from the Conservatives.

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